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Master of Science in Information Technology

Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc IT 2 Years Program, 4 Semesters) 

There is a strong demand for IT professionals in all sectors of industry. MSc in Information Technology focuses on programming, software engineering and development methodologies but it also provides a broad-based coverage of relevant subjects including networks and the Internet, databases, artificial intelligence and computer security. This course prepares graduates for a career in information technology (IT) consultancy, particularly in relation to small and medium enterprise (SME) clients. Graduates will combine the IT skills with those of their previous knowledge in a professional application-oriented envirenment and prepare themselves for the technological challenges and opportunities of the future arising in all the aspects of life. 

Distribution of Seats (Morning Program)

Total No. of Seats       Merit Seats       Res. Seats

          53                         45                    8 

M.Sc (IT) (Self Supporting Program)

Total No. of Seats       Merit Seats       Res. Seats

          54                         50                    4


Criteria B.Com (IT) / BA / B.Sc with Elective Mathematics or Computer nd Science or Statistics or equivalent (at least 2 Division).

Admission Criteria:

Basic Additional Marks:

Hafiz-e-Quran: 20 Marks

Merit Formula: Basic (for Details see page 74)

Academic Record 100%