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Art Attack

It was the 18th of March, 2023, when all the colors came together to celebrate the most awaited event in the history of Punjab University Gujranwala Campus, under the esteemed leadership of Dr.Naveed Iqbal, Director General of PUGC, and chairperson performing Arts Society Madam Aadila Hussain Art Attack” took place. 

Art is the purest form through which our souls express themselves and to prove this, the occasion had students coming together from all six departments to participate in signing, painting and drama competitions. 

Where the students not only engaged in singing their hearts out, bringing their creativity to live and making a statement through their acts but also had a monumental amount of fun. 

Department of English took the lead and won the first prize in the drama category, while Department of Law swept the audience with their soulful songs securing the first position, lastly it was the department of Information Technology who gained the first position in the painting category. 

Art Attack has been one of the most exuberant and exhilarating event, from its preparations to the final day it took place, students displayed utmost dedication to make this colour dream come true.

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Miss Aadila Hussain

Incharge / Lecturer

M.Phil. (Linguistics), Ph.D (Scholar)


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panjab university gujranwala


panjab university gujranwala

Event date

Starts: Mar 18, 2023
Ends: Mar 18, 2023

Event Time

Starts: 10:00 AM
Ends: 1:00 AM