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Awareness Session - Kitchen Gardening

Exploring Perspectives - Awareness Session on Kitchen Gardening

An outstanding seminar was organised by the Environment Protection & CSR Society on September 27, 2022 at PUGC under the auspices of worthy Director General Prof. Dr. Naveed Iqbal Ch. The seminar was the outcome of the meticulous efforts made by Mr. Muhammad Younas (Chairman Environment Protection & CSR Society), Mr. Hafiz Ihsan Ur Rehman (Coordinator of the Society) and their diligent team. Dr Mobeen Sarwar (A Horticulture Scientist and Assistant Professor at PU) was the guest speaker.

In the session, he equipped the students with the basics of kitchen Gardening and unleashed his experience about the subject.The key areas that were focused by him during the session included: importance of healthy diet, disastrous effects of pesticides and other toxic chemicals that contaminate food items.He also demonstrated how to grow vegetables and fruits at home with limited efforts and resources. Moreover he threw light on the social, psychological and medicinal benefits of the Kitchen Gardening. In addition to this he gave a brief description of how Kitchen Gardening is the need of the hour and how it is impossible to achieve a healthy life goal without consuming sterilised vegetables and fruits. At the end audience was motivated to buy and grow seeds at home instead of purchasing fruits and vegetables.

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