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With the Due Diligence of Director General of Campus

We feel immense pleasure by announcing the 1st International Conference on Business, Technology, and Social Sciences (ICBT&SS) with a theme of COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons for Digitalization, Corporate and Social Sector Sustainability. This conference will be hosted by University of the Punjab, Gujranwala Campus, Pakistan tentatively on January 24th-25th, 2023 in cooperation with some international and national partnering universities.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a particular infectious disease that widely accepted as a fundamental health crisis thereby adversely effected the well-being of global economies. Since the scale of outbreak of COVID-19 become apparent, the capital markets around the globe continuously facing adverse decline and volatility in stock returns including all new variants of Coronavirus virus beside their effective treatment. COVID-19 not only adversely effected the world economies prosperity but also created lot of opportunities and lessons for digitalization, corporate and social sector sustainability.

Therefore, the primary goal of this conference is to bring together leading entrepreneurs, diverse academicians, scholars, practitioners, and economists for the interdisciplinary examination of COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons for Digitalization, Corporate and Social Sector Sustainability. This conference is inquiring to business community, academicians and policy makers to come forward and share your thoughtful insights, learning curves and lessons for the sustainable performance of corporate, social sector, and greater digitalization. This conference program will consist of speeches of dignitaries, oral and poster presentations together with some plenary panel discussions will take place with the valuable insights of keynote speakers. All the necessary information about the conference can be found in the following link:


The Conference will highlight the key lessons including but not limited to***

1.      Innovative Human Resource Management Strategies during COVID-19 Pandemic

2.      Human Resource Risk Control Through COVID-19 Risk Management

3.      COVID-19 Pandemic and Socioeconomic Crisis

4.      Emergence of Digitalization during COVID-19 to accelerate greater globalization.

5.      Bad law or implementation flaws? Lessons from the implementation of the new laws on epidemics during the response different COVID-19 Variants.

6.      Emergence of a power law in the distribution of COVID-19 cases

7.      Green Innovation and Carbon Emissions during COVID-19

8.      Behavioral Biases of Investors during COVID-19

9.      Role of Big Data in Business Challenges of COVID-19

10.  Technical Innovations on International Business Strategies in the era of COVID-19

11.  Psychological Resilience and Business Survival Chances during times of COVID-19 Pandemic

12.  Role of Artificial Intelligence in Business Survival during COVID-19 Pandemic

13.  Adaptation of Blockchain Technologies during COVID-19 Pandemic

14.  Decline in Entertainment Industry Business during Covid-19 Pandemic

15.  Deficiencies in Hospital Management in COVID-19 Pandemic

16.  Social Media Mining under Covid-19

17.  Contemporary Change in Traditional Education during COVID-19 Pandemic

18.  Exploring Role of Covid-19 Social Isolation and Mental Health

19.  Digitalization of Law Enforcement Agencies during COVID-19 Pandemic

20.  Cultural Heritage Through Lens of COVID-19 Pandemic

21.  Religious and Cultural Approaches During COVID-19

22.  Legal and Ethical Considerations on Resource Limitation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

23.  Implementation and Constructive flaw of Introduced laws in COVID-19 Pandemic


 Submission of abstract: 31 December, 2022

Notification of Abstract: One week after the submission of abstract

Full Length paper/short communication submission: 5 January, 2023

Registration: 10 January, 2023


Registration Fee:


Indigenous students (only PU and PUGC): PKR-1000/-

Indigenous students (other than PU and PUGC): PKR-1500/-

Indigenous Faculty (other PU and PUGC): PKR-1500

International faculty: 100-USD

International Students: 50-USD



Conference Chair                                                                                           Conference Secretary

Prof. Dr. Naveed Iqbal Chaudhary                                                                  Dr. Wasim-ul-Rehman