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BS in Information Technology

BS in Information Technology (BSIT 4 Years Program, 8 Semester) 

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree is designed to enhance job skills and improve opportunities for career advancement in the Information Technology field. IT professionals perform various duties which can range from designing, developing and implementing software applications, computer networks, databases and websites etc.

BS Information Technology (Morning Program)

Total No. of Seats       Merit Seats       Res. Seats

         100                        90                  10

BS Information Technology (Self Supporting Program)

Total No. of Seats       Merit Seats       Res. Seats

         106                       100                  06

Eligibility :

ICS / F.Sc. Pre Engineering / F.Sc. Pre-Medical with additional Math/ A-Level with Math or equivalent. At least 60% marks in DAE in a relevant discipline. 

Admission Criteria:

Basic Additional Marks:

Hafiz-e-Quran: 20 Marks

Merit Formula: Basic

Academic Record: 100% 

Curriculum Matrix

BS in Information Technology is divided into Eight semesters each spreads over a span of 4 ½ months. In this period total of 130 credit hours are required to be completed. The curriculum matrix of BSIT (Hons.) is as follows:

Summary of BS in Information Technology’s Degree Requirement :

Category                                                        Credit Hours

Computing Core Courses                                           40

Information Technology - Core Courses                     24

Information Technology - Technical Electives             15

Mathematics                                                               12

Natural Sciences                                                        06

Humanities and Social Sciences                                33

Total Credit Hours                                                     130

General Education Requirements (51Credit Hours)

Mathematics                                                             12

MA 101 (Calculus I)

MA 102 (Calculus II) 

MA 210 (Linear Algebra)

MA 250 (Probability and Statistics)

Natural Sciences                                                   06

NS 101 (Mechanics and Wave Motion)

NS 103 (Electricity and Magnetism)

Humanities and Social Sciences

(33 Credit Hours)


09 EN 101 (Writing Workshop)

EN 201 (Communication Skills)

EN 205 (Business and Technical Writing)

Humanities                                                           13

HM 150 (Islamic Studies I)

HM 250 (Islamic Studies II)

HM 260 (Arabic Language) Two electives*

Social Sciences                                                    11 

SS 170 (Pakistan Studies) Three electives**