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BS in Computer Science

BS in Computer Science (BS CS 4 Years Program, 8 Semester)

The objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program are to build a strong foundation in theoretical concepts in computing and software engineering. It is also intended to provide a system-wide perspective of hardware and low-level software design and development. It enables the students to develop proficiency in designing and analyzing algorithms for building efficient solutions. Additionally it also nurtures problem-solving skills, clarity of thought, and creativity. It prepares students for rigors of graduate studies, as well as for careers in the industry. Moreover this program provides a balanced exposure to liberal arts and prepare students for effective oral and technical communication. It is also envisioned to inculcate in students a sense of professional and ethical responsibilities.


BS Computer Science (Morning Program)

Total No. of Seats      Merit Seats     Res. Seats

          100                           90                   10

BS Computer Science (Self Supporting Program)

Total No. of Seats         Merit Seats       Res. Seats

          106                        100                 06

Eligibility :

ICS / F.Sc. Pre Engineering / F.Sc. Pre-Medical with additional Math/ A-Level with Math or equivalent. At least 60% marks in DAE in a relevant discipline. 

Admission Criteria:

Basic Additional Marks:

Hafiz-e-Quran: 20 Marks

Merit Formula: Basic (for Details see page 73) Academic Record: 100% 

Curriculum Matrix :

BS in Computer Science is divided into Eight semesters each spreads over a span of 4 ½ months. In this period total of 130 credit hours are required to be completed. The curriculum matrix of BS CS(Hons.) is as follows: